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this little fellow showed up three weeks ago and would not leave

he's been vetted and all that jazz, I took care of it last week

because it's so cold, we've brought him inside during the day

he will soon achieve world domination, HE HAS THUMBS

headcount has reached five. That's really too much, but this guy is outside during the day and has a heating pad (although he always returns at night)

*TMI ALERT* Oscar had an enema last week :( not a happy camper. His BMs are not what they should be. Lactulose, pumpkin, kasha and Metamucil are not quite doing the trick, but he's eating and running around like a lunatic and acting like a very healthy almost 19 year old so we're not giving up on him yet :) I'm also stepping up the acupuncture appointments, they were getting spaced apart more and more, that may be contributing to the problem. GO FIERCE (wannabe) CHIPMUNK KILLER (only in his head of course)

...and I finished my christmas shopping *whew*

now to actually get some work done (and change some turtle water...!!)


Dec. 7th, 2010 12:24 pm
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Oscar was having trouble and none of the meds (lactulose)/pumpkin/metamucil were working

this really did the trick

I suppose I'll give it a shot when I'm really old and constipated
(he's going to be 19 in December/January)
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I got an EXPLANATION OF BENEFITS (namely THIS IS WHAT WE'RE NOT COVERING, LOSER) from my insurance company

apparently they think I owe the local hospital $5K for four rabies shots because apparently rabies is "a limitation or exclusion under your plan".

So I called and said ITS RABIES WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM and after over half an hour on hold the representative said "oopsie, you have no exclusions under your plan, sorry. We'll resubmit."

I fully expect to get another letter saying the claim has been rejected.


and $5K for a series of shots? Excessive, much?

meanwhile, Ana Plasma (aka Anna Banana) is off to be speutered. I half wanted her owner to step forward so I could scream at them for not getting the poor little thing fixed. She's such a love and I'm just glad she's okay after her health issue.
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a day before Dobbie passed this kitty showed up on my doorstep, all hungry. I started feeding him, got a photo and circulated FOUND CAT memo to newspapers, craigslist, the usual places.

Someone called thinking this may be their kitty. By then the fellow had warmed up to me, sitting in my lap... so like the rocket scientist I am, I decided to try and put the cat in a carrier. I mean.. he's friendlt and all..

stupid move.
Augmentin 875 mg orally twice daily and several rabies shots later, the cat came back and sat in my lap (about two days later). He looked better as I had put Frontline on him... but there was blood in his irisis.

I consulted with Dr Internet and the vedict was 1. hit by car; 2. FeLV or FIV; 3. FIP

I scruffed the kitty and off to the vet we went )

My gardening job is winding up, it ends in October. I'll miss the extra $$$ and I love working there, its so nice and peaceful. Hopefully I'll be called again next year *fingers crossed* but if not, it's not the end of the world. I feel like my own garden suffered, I just didnt feel like working outside when I got home.
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are a wonderful thing

that is all.
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no it's not a small rodent

this was in my fan

my computer was shutting off for what seemed to be no reason.

this is the problem with having four cats. it's actually the second time this has happened to me in the past two years

it's a good thing I love them

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