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not good for bees

not good for my tomato starts

not good for me
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"I stuck my head out of the window this morning and Spring kissed me BANG! in the face..." ~ Langston Hughes

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a day before Dobbie passed this kitty showed up on my doorstep, all hungry. I started feeding him, got a photo and circulated FOUND CAT memo to newspapers, craigslist, the usual places.

Someone called thinking this may be their kitty. By then the fellow had warmed up to me, sitting in my lap... so like the rocket scientist I am, I decided to try and put the cat in a carrier. I mean.. he's friendlt and all..

stupid move.
Augmentin 875 mg orally twice daily and several rabies shots later, the cat came back and sat in my lap (about two days later). He looked better as I had put Frontline on him... but there was blood in his irisis.

I consulted with Dr Internet and the vedict was 1. hit by car; 2. FeLV or FIV; 3. FIP

I scruffed the kitty and off to the vet we went )

My gardening job is winding up, it ends in October. I'll miss the extra $$$ and I love working there, its so nice and peaceful. Hopefully I'll be called again next year *fingers crossed* but if not, it's not the end of the world. I feel like my own garden suffered, I just didnt feel like working outside when I got home.


Jun. 5th, 2010 11:10 am
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funny pictures of cats with captions
see more Lolcats and funny pictures

I found a new place for Tai Chi, my teacher has classes locally at another location :)

now I just have to find a new Zumba class, my instructor is preggers and taking the summer off (I can't imagine why LOL)

yesterday was exhausting. Lots of questions I could not answer and second guessing. Must upload photos later.

and tomorrow am :
It's worth getting up very early on June 6. Looking east in the predawn darkness, find the crescent Moon with the bright planet Jupiter hovering to its lower right.

For an extra treat, use binoculars to view the same scene, and you'll easily see the dim planet Uranus just above and very near Jupiter. You'll be in select company; few people have ever seen Uranus!

that's a reason to get up a little early in the morning :) Pegasus is going to be visible, too, for an extra added bonus. I've never seen Uranus, it should be visible with binoculars according to some sites. We'll set up the telescope just in case (unless it rains.. boo hiss)
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uh... wait I guess people wont be able to say stop the presses in the near future, but whatever..

I'm growing quinoa. The mid summer beets have been jettisoned. I may plant some in another part of the garden.

It was gorgeous yesterday, I was weeding

so today.. garlic mustard pasta and later next week.. Garlic Mustard Mashed Potatoes (same page, sans pork of course).

what better way to battle invasive plants than EAT THEM :)

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