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just came back from my stress/echo. I don't want to see another treadmill for three-five years plz thx.

I wonder how many people have a coronary during this test?

The weekend was a busy one, on Saturday we went out to Great Island in Lyme and paddled out past Griswold and Poverty Point.. lots of osprey, didn't see any babies.

Later took a detour to Fort Trumbull, not so much to see the fort but to see that other battleground, Kelo vs New London. The whole neighborhood is still an empty lot, the only structure standing is the infamous 'Italian Dramatic Club'.

if anyone has not read Little Pink House, do so. And then take a trip to New London and see what Pfizer has left in its wake.

Sunday I went to Ginette's memorial service, it coincided with her birthday. She passed from ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, also known as Lou Gehrig's disease). She had escaped the Nazis in France as a child, came to America on a whim and became a successful businesswoman and wife. She drove me crazy sometimes, sometimes I wanted to strangle her but I will miss her dearly. I'm just sorry she had such a difficult journey to her passage. Thankfully, she passed not in a hospital or even a hospice, but at a place she called home for the past two years. I'll never forget her.

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