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I was helping with some hives at a local arboretum when we came across this:

the dreaded HIVE #3

the Bartlett HIVE FROM HELL

This is ONE HOT HIVE. These bees are CROWDED and ANGRY.

We had finished working with four other hives when we got up to this one. A bee got under my veil and stung me on the cheek, some got in my hair and I got bit through my jeans. The other volunteers all got stung through their sweatshirts and on their heads/faces/arms.

I had never witnessed something like this.

Some 20 year beeks with full suits are coming over the weekend to take a look and maybe do a split, this baby is ready to swarm. Its been a hell of a spring, huge honey flows, and the second+ year hives are in swarming mode (mine are all new hives, I lost all of my bees last year along with many others in the area).

On the upside, it was an eye opener and a bonding experience. Picking stingers off of each others faces and brushing bees out of one another's hair.. that's the sign of true friendship. :)
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Today I get to sit in a total strangers garden and answer questions about plants
it's going to be 90F

I'm going to be sweating my @#%^ off

but it's for a good cause and I was stupid enough to volunteer knowing full well it's June and it does get hot.

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