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Take Her For a Spin Like a Dung Beetle

Sure, taking your date on a quiet stroll through the park is nice, but nothing beats a spirited bike ride to show off your sporty side. When it comes to romantic outings, Dung beetles are surprisingly on the ball — even if that ball is, well, composed of excrement. After male beetles finish gathering up some dung and find a partner to mate with, the pair venture off in search of a good place to bury it — often with the female hitching a ride while the male rolls. Eventually, she lays eggs inside the ball. which will protect and provide food for the growing offspring.

from 10 Dating Tips from the Animal World on Treehugger


May. 15th, 2011 12:42 pm
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went hiking yesterday in Rocky Hill. Lets just say the 'squitos are out in full force.

I used some bug spray that was in the car and to my horror it was 98% DEET. Is that even legal???
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The problem started with DDoS attacks on Alexei Navalny, who has used his blog to talk about corruption in the government and the ruling United Russia party, said Maria Garnayeva, an expert at Internet security company Kaspersky Lab, who posted information about the attack on her blog.

Navalny started targeting United Russia earlier this year calling them "the party of swindlers and thieves" which turned into an Internet meme. Shortly after, spammers started inundating all of his posts with derogatory comments.

source : AFP



Feb. 23rd, 2011 07:11 pm
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Antivaxxers should be tried as terrorists. I'm talking rounded up and shipped off to Gitmo.

I don't care what your personal beliefs are regarding vaccines, but if it puts PEOPLE I KNOW IN DANGER because of allergies or their age, yes it's a problem

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but I love it
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here's looking forward to 9/10/11
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sesquipedalianism \ses-kwi-PEED-l-iz-uhm\ , adjective;
* Given to using long words.

from : Dictionary.com's Word of the Day
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He was just an ordinary mouse, nothing special. He lived, very briefly, 237 years ago, in the laboratory of a great chemist, Joseph Priestley.

There were lots of mice in Priestley's lab. He had made his reputation as one of the first scientists to identify oxygen. He studied mice to figure out what happens inside animals as they breathe. This meant he regularly opened them to examine lungs, veins, arteries, to see that blood changed color when it moved through lungs. And since tuberculosis -- or "consumption" -- was the scourge of that era, lung research seemed like a valuable thing to do.

But animals didn't last long in Priestley's lab, especially mice.

his lab assistant wrote a poem and jammed it between the bars of one of the cages.

For here forlorn and sad I sit
within the wiry grate
And tremble @ the approaching morn
Which brings impending fate

The well taught philosophic mind
To ALL compassion gives
Cast's round the world an equal eye
And feels for all that lives

Source : Early Animal Rights Poem Discovered: A Mouse's Plea (NPR), with more pictures and info

A day doesn't go by that I don't think of the cow who's tissue is in my heart. I haven't eaten meat, of ANY sort, even before the surgery, for at least a decade and now I know I never will. I hope s/he knows how much I appreciate the sacrifice, and I hope s/he was treated with kindness especially in the last days of life.


Apr. 18th, 2010 01:34 pm
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must tell husband we need to redecorate


found via CephalopodTeaParty
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OMG floaty pens. I love my floaties

I have 800+ of them and I'm still a lightweight in the floaty collecting world

I also collect giraffes but am a little more discriminating in my selections (I'd love to get them all but.. giraffes are popular).

yes I have a giraffe floaty pen
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wow .. five years? I can't really pinpoint ONE thing, but there are a handful of major changes

lets see...
* I stopped working for a regular paycheck & started working with my husband in a start up
* I've started eating healthier & exercising on a regular basis, and am much more conscious of my overall health (of course this was AFTER the open heart surgery LOL)
* I just have different priorities. It's not all about work

on the downside...
I obsess on my health sometimes. I was told this is normal given what I've been through, but it doesnt FEEL normal. I just never thought I'd be a really lucky person (eastern european 'gloom and doom' pessimism coursing through my veins, har har. It's genetic).

My quince is blooming :) I thought for sure last year it was a goner, but now I have beautiful orangey-red flowers. Stunning.
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breakup letter from hell (via burbia.com)
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I like pie
it's always round

more Pi-Kus @ NPR

My (former) neighbor passed away. She had ALS and was diagnosed last year.
The doctors gave her two
she only lasted one


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