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=no power for at least four days from what I've heard.

storm was on Thursday, it's Saturday and there are no CL&P/NE Utilities trucks in sight :(


bees are okay

Siberian elm that's completely hollow at the base @ work is still standing

trees down @ home but none on our house

so refrigeration, flushing and an occasional shower is not such a big inconvenience (thank goodness a local cafe with power and wifi, and for my Y membership! and they're open late on weekends :)

ETA from the Farmers Almanac : Here’s the forecast for the 2011 hurricane season (between June 1 and November 30): Well above-average activity is predicted for the Atlantic Basin versus the historical average (based on 1950–2000 records).

The probability of landfall by a major hurricane is also above average. Factors influencing the hurricane predictions include warm and favorable tropical Atlantic conditions.

ETA 2: A "possible tornado" showed up on the Weather Center radar over the southern end of town of New Milford, Bill Jacquemin, chief meteorologist at the Connecticut Weather Center in Danbury, said Thursday.

"It's a very explosive situation," he said. "There were wind gusts of over 40 miles per hour at the Weather Center. For not even being the worst part of the storm, that's pretty impressive."
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I was hiking Sunday (boy was it blustery!) in Southford (CT) Falls State Park when I saw THIS:

a while later, I found a second one (also in the picture, further back). The orb measures about an inch, it's soft to the touch. The smaller one is harder.

I wrapped it in a tissue and put it in my pocket.. I took it out a little later and my husband said OMG WHAT THE HECK IS THAT I HOPE YOU DIDN'T SNEEZE...!!

so....what is it? Answer under the jump...? )

and my food is talking to me (again)

Squeeze me Mr Limon verde!
mr squeeze
squeeze me, lime!

More from Sunday in Southford )

in sad news, the centerI take tai chi has closed :(
I am SUPREMELY bummed out about this, it was a nice little spot and so pretty, by a river. I'll have to get in touch with my tai chi teacher for more info, she does teach elsewhere, but I'm not sure it'll be quite the same.

I try and embrace change but sometimes it's hard.

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